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In life
How many true friends are there?
How many friendship can last forever?
Shaking hands
As we part our seperate ways
Is in our hearts

Today we temporarily part
Tomorrow we will meet again
Even if we don't see each other again
We will still be friends

Split by mountains far and wide
In two seperate lands
We don't need to see each other
Our hearts will know
True friendship
Will never change


Never said I loved anyone
Never shed tears for anyone
Never wanted to be right
My eyes are filled with tears

Looking at myself
I am unhappy
I aslo need a companion
Who won't break my heart

Deep loving without regrets
People laugh at me
This is just a fantasy
There's no comfort

Loving someone
Should be without guilt
Then why do tears fall in the night
Each night I sleep with loneliness

No meaning in life
Ask not who I am
Love with me
No one can replace
My true love

Not much people like me
Why let me suffer?
Ask not who I am
Face with me
See the tears
That fall from my eyes
I am no different than you
Except my heart breaks easily


Looking at you
With that sweet smile on your face
I can only give thanks
For knowing someone special
As special as you

Saying to you:
"I only want to be with you
In this life
Everything I want
Is you
Let me be the one
To care for you until I die

Each second that goes by
I'm always thinking of you
No one can replace you
In my heart

Seasons change
Water flows
Life ends
Nobody knows
But my love for you
Forever grows

With all my effort
I will never forget
For the rest of eternity...
With all my heart
I cherish you on this day
Happy birthday"


Never said I wanted popularity
Never said I wanted to win

All I ever wanted
Was someone to love

Someone to touch
Someone to hold

Someone to call
Out my name

Am I asking for too much?

Some would say yes
Some would criticize

Some would inult others
To make themselves feel better

When you yourself are not being criticized
When you yourself are not in the spotlight

Hurling rocks of insult at others
From a distance

It takes guts to stand alone

I would fight
I would fall

I know that
I can't take it all

They beat me down
They beat me hard

Let them do all
That they can

For my spirit will never be broken

For I refuse to die
For I refuse to cry

Never letting up
I get back on my feet

I want to live
I want to love

No one can stop me
As I continue my struggles

As I continue down my path looking for that love


Here I am sitting by myself
In the middle of the night
I don't know why
But lately
I just can't sleep at nights
I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason
I just lay there
And start to cry
I just can't help it
Tears roll down my eyes

Without any warnings
The flood of emotions
Surging through me
I just can't hold back anymore
It happens every night
I try to tell myself
It's just a girl
Get over it
But my heart is not as strong
The heart just won't forget
All the joys and pain
The pain
Of losing her

Every little thing that we shared
I still remember
Every little word
That she said
Remains in my heart
Every message she wrote back
Remains in my mind

I once thought love was special
I once thought I could love someone
I once thought if I loved someone with all my heart
Everything will be right
Everything will fine
I once thought
But now I'm sitting here all alone

Crying to myself
Crying in pain
A pain that cuts
So deep into my heart
I know this wound would never heal
The scar remains in my heart
Nothing will change
Things will never be the same
With me again

I've learn
To never trust someone
With my heart again
I've learn
To never fall in love again
Never to fall for someone again
Love hurts too much
My heart breaks too easily
Just let me cry
By myself
'Til I die


Oceans falls
Oceans rise
People's talk
People's lies
My heart for you
Forever flies

Flowers bloom
Roads turns
Birds sing
Children learns
My passion for you
Forever burns

Seasons change
Water flows
Life ends
Nobody knows
But my love for you
Forever grows


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