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I wait....

Another day
Another restless night
Another month of missing you

Another season
Another year has gone by
I still wait for my life's love

Am I hurt?
Did I cry?
I will wait even if my heart breaks

A year's sorrow
A thousand years of pain
True love never dies

Even if we're far apart
I can still feel your warm tenderness
Love will change everything

Even if the rains pour down on me
I will never get bored of waiting
Until my dreams are fulfilled

The tears roll down my cheeks
Like a love sick puppy
Waiting for it's master

Waiting for you to come home to me


I wanted to go with you
But it's not that easy
Look in my eyes
And it will tell you the sorrow
Of seeing you leave

Will not our love be enough to stop you from leaving
I can't control myself
I can't find the words to say
I only know
That I'll be missing you

This instant being with you in silence
Who could see the tears in my heart
When you asked me why I don't speak
When I can not find the words to express
How I truly feel

Hoping this feelings I have will continue
And not drift away like the winds
Being with you for an instant
Is like being intoxicated by love
Why wouldn't I miss you?

You don't have to say anything
Please I beg you
I can't hold back the tears
I want to remember the good times and the happiness
To forever remain in your heart

Understand that I am forever yours
That will never change
You can rest easy and not worry about me
As it's time for you to leave
I will miss you dearly


Left here alone......

Here I am
Sitting by myself
In a dark corner with no one in sight
Not even the slightest whisper
Can cover up the sighs of my heart

The ache of the broken heart
That tells the story of a thousand words
A story that was short lived
By a fool
Who fell in love

I fell in love with the notion of a fairy tale
I didn't know how it would end
I wasn't prepared for what would happen
It caught me by complete surprise
Why didn't I see it coming?

There is nothing I can do
Except drown my sorrows
And remember the memories
Of a love that was once special
Of a love that is now gone

I can't help but still wonder why?
What did I do that was so wrong?
All I ever wanted was for you to be happy
Even if it meant that I had to cry
For you to smile

I'd always thought everything was fine between the two of us
Then I found out your love wasn't true
Your love wasn't mine
To hold on to until the end of time
'Cause your love wasn't real

Seems like yesterday
That we first met
As the snowflakes slowly fall down on our heads
With a gentle breeze of the east wind
Cutting through the silk of your shirt

As you shivered
I put my arms around you
Gently warming up your body
With all the love
That I have to offer

Now the tears just roll down my cheeks
I can feel it slowly dripping down
Reminding me of what I had lost
And never have again with you

I have always been a person without dreams
Without any hopes in the world
Until I met you
You became everything that I can wish for
So I put all my dreams and hopes in you

Only to find that your dreams
Never included me
Never was I to be your future destiny
Never was I the one
That you loved

I was so sure of this feeling
That I had in my heart
That you would never go and leave me
You would never lie to me
But I was a blinded by your love

Now my love is gone.......


I once met failure
Nobody cared
Nobody listened
To my cries
Of sorrow
It's all because of you
I can finally understand
What love is

How I can look at love
Without ever knowing
What it really is?
How can I say forever
If I didn't care?

You came along
And showed me
How special love can be
But before I can fully embrace
You left without a sign
I still remember
Each lingering kiss
That you left behind
I can still feel
Each time you touched my heart
I will love you
'Til I die

I asked myself
How can I tell if it's
How can I tell if it's
Every night
I still remember
Your every words
That you've said to me
How I love you my darling
How I miss you

I'd rather
Forever fail
Then pay back
Everything I owe you
I'd rather
Forever fail
Then to see you cry
I still miss you
I wanna say
I still love you
'Til I die


Loving me is
I'm heart broken
You're sorrowed

Loving me is
You're troubled
Cause I'm hurt

Loving me is
My fall from grace
Yet I accept
Two hearts
Should not question each other

You said things
Would change
For the better
You promised
You would love
Like I did

I've had a dream
You were the dream
I love you
Without the words
Now it's gone

Loving me is
I'm heart broken
You're sorrowed

Loving me is
You're troubled
Cause I'm hurt

Loving me is
My fall from grace
Yet I accept
Two hearts
Should love each other

If you truly loved
I wouldn't question
If you truly cared
I wouldn't regret
Letting the world know
What you meant to me

I wanted to share
My dreams with you
I wanted to give
My world to you
That was then
This is now

Loving me is
I'm heart broken
You're sorrowed

Loving me is
You're troubled
Cause I'm hurt

Loving me is
My fall from grace
Yet I accept
Two hearts
Should always be together

Loving me


I forgot yesterday
How I think of you
How did I ever live
Each day and moment

When I remember
It's like the sand in my eyes
Bringing forth the tears
Rolling down my cheeks

I never said how I felt
I never told you
How I felt
How much I loved you

Remembering how it was
Between you and I
The special tenderness like a flower
Giving off a sweet aroma of fragrance

Content I want to wait for you
Sorrowed I want to look for you
When I worry I think of you
When I'm relaxed I wish for you

Hoping you the best in whatever you do
Cause forever you will remain
Everywhere in my heart
You are everywhere in my heart


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