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Deep within my heart
I didn't ask for it
Yet I have to accept

In the dark
I wait
Waiting by myself
Despite what happened
I still love you

No matter how wrong I was
Or if your heart's changed
Don't leave me

Each night I hope
Each night I wish
To understand your thoughts
To understand you

With no regrets
Don't hate me
Don't despise me
Forgive my past mistakes

Hoping you would say
You would let me
Have another chance
It should be all my fault
I will start over

Look with your eyes
Before you walk away
Look with your heart
Am I still there?

If there is no you
There is no purspose
For me to live
Any longer
I wish to be dead

If you are not in my heart
In my heart
There is always you


I would sing this song
I would sing it for you
The letters you've sent me
Every word is stored in my heart
The troubles of this world
Don't rush in to solve them
The time we have can allow us to go to far away places

People say dreams like this are too simple and unachievable
To have us side by side, hand in hand, never letting go
People say love like this are of a fantasy world
Only you can understand my pains and sorrows
Don't ever leave

I don't care what people say
I just want you to love me
The sun rises and shines upon this vast land
There are plenty
But you
There is only one

I don't care what others say
I just want you to love me
Pain, happiness, and sorrow
We've been through them already


In this world
Which mountain is the highest?
Maybe, just maybe
There is one that will be higher

In this world
Only a mountain can be higher than a mountain
True love can never be found
More genuine than yours

In this life
Why compare who I should give my love to?
One mountain can be higher than the last
But the deepness of your love
Reaches to the highest point of the heavens
Thousands upon thousands times
You are the greatest

Compare our lives
And we will not know who gives more love to the other
Maybe, just maybe
It all doesn't matter
All I know is that in this life
There is no one that loves me as best as you
And I can never find another as special as you


Please step up to me
And let me look at you with my heart
Let me look deep into your heart
To see if i'm there

So that I may have reassurance
To subside my fears

When love becomes to deep
It's hard to see if it's real or false
When it's false only pain will follow
When it's true there is only happiness

Just a little kiss can change
Everything in my world

Who should leave?
Who should stay?
I don't have the courage to ask
For I fear of being alone


The spring wind blows gently
Giving life a gentle breeze of coolness
The autumn rains pours down
Watering the life around us

Something is slowly dying

I can feel it in my toes
I can feel it in my bones
And it scares me
That my heart is dying

I can no longer give love
I can no longer really love anyone with all my heart

Walking down the streets of memory lane
Carefully watching each twist and turn
Stopping to gracefully remember the times
Of you and I

Wishing that everything didn't turn out the way it did
It shouldn't end like this

Never noticed
Never cared
It has already been a year
Of you loving me

Looking into the far distant future
It isn't filled with hopes and dreams of me and you

Many is the memories that we have
Of me and you together
Of all the time that we spent together
And you wishing for forever

That we can be together
Through all the trouble that we've already endured

Here you are
Holding onto me tightly
With both your arms wrapped around me
Never letting go

But my feelings aren't the same anymore
They aren't true anymore

I can't change my destiny
I can't fight fate
The stars have already chosen
A path for me to walk

It's a long path that I must travel alone
A long path that I must endure alone

Having you hold onto me
Is a really great feeling
That fills my body with a special feeling
Right down to the bottom of my heart

Alas, I must tell you
Tell you I must

My destiny is hard for you to follow with me
You will only get hurt
I am not ready
To love anyone yet

You need not to wait for me
For I will not return

There is too many unanswered questions in my heart
That I can't answer myself truthfully
And until then forever is a long time
When we can't realize our dreams together

You need not love me anymore
Please I beg you

My life is too complicated
You will only have sorrow
If we continue to live this story
Of a love that isn't true

I am just not ready to love anyone
With all my heart I am sorry


Nothing is forever
That is life
I can not hold it back
With vain effort
There is no turning back
When you said ' good bye '
You said you needed time away
You know I will wait
For you
Forever with you

Go as far as you like
Leaving an empty void
Within my heart
I can not see from afar
If for a day
You can comfort my heart
Just once
That is all I ask for

Go as far as you like
Leaving an empty void
Within my heart
You can not see me
If for a day
You can comfort my heart
Just once
That is all I need
Would you remember me?
Would you remember my name?


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