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Never spent time studying
Nor learning in school
Always out at night
Prowling the streets
In search of fun and excitement
Care not about the future
Of what is to come

Rascals never care
About these things
Most important are other things
Picking up chicks
Having fun till the dawn comes
In the bedroom is where the action is
Picking fights with rival members
To increase one's own prestige
To increase fame
All for the glory of the leader

Young are the members when they start out
They only understand one thing
Brute force
If you wish to be on their bad side
From the pits of the city
They fight for position
To climb the ladder of leadership
Secretly everyone vies for the top spot

Today they fear not of failures
Worry not if they're wrong
Everything they have tried
There is no one that they fear
Quiver not when they hear others names approaching
Because in their minds
They are invincible

Billiard clubs
Whore houses
These are nothing new for these fellows
They go where they wish to
They do what they want to
All in the name of their gang

Nights pass in the bars
Heavy is the drinking
Along with the drinking games
That they challenge with each other
Till the break of dawn
Every night the cycle repeats
Drink until they pass out

Many is the followers that rush to be accepted in
Pouring in from everywhere
To swell up the ranks
Wishing to be the hero among the ranks
Through sheer courage and bravery
Fighting their way to the top
Grabbing on to their machetes
With a firm grip of securtiy
As they settle the day's business

And Righteousness
Are the fading senitmentality of the old
Leaders only care if you take the fall
Take the blame
When there is big trouble
Everyone runs in their own direction
Every man to fend for themselves

A rascal's life is but a dream


Laughable words
Sheds not tears
Attainable companionship
Resolves the loneliness
Unfortunately I have yet to meet
Asking me of a pair of unforgetable of memories
How pray tell will it end?

Loveable words
Shirk not
To understand the heart
Fear not to venture forward
Unfortunately each time stumbling upon love
Hard it is to block the feelings
Of a delusioned happiness

Words of encouragement promised
Carried forth by self-denial
Burdened is the one who bears this love
Sighing in the moonlight night
Her love has no need to continue forth
Rejecting everything
This night has a peaceful ending

Hearing upon a desired love story
Free to fly to the corners of the four seas
Each time drawing nearer by the moment
Scaling over thousands upon thousands of mountains
Just to see a glimpse of the smile
Ask not was it worthy
Instead let fill your heart with a warm feeling

One's home and one's country
Thrust upon a man
A sense of duty, a sense of right
Fulfill his destiny he must
Leaving behind all that he cherished
For the sake of one word : righteousness


I know
As soon as the foot stepped in
It was wrong
There is no way that it can be settled
A love triangle
All three sides will will get hurt if it continues
Who can endure?

All that's said and done
Holding on
To memories that are but empty
Yet still reminded of the past that was
My heart feels so ashamed and uneasy

Cloudy skies
We parted our separate ways
But secretly
I carry a heavy burden inside of me
Dearly beloved
You still don't know that my wounds still ache

They still ache for you


How do you know love exists if you can't find it?
How do you know what love is when you haven't truly felt it?
How do you know love is true when you haven't losted it?
How do you know what love can do until you see it happen?
You don't
Until you believe
Until you believe with your heart and not your mind
What you may have experience before
You may percieve as love
But is it the true love that everyone is looking for?
You never know until you look for it
You never know until you find it
Until then you can only believe
Only then can you truly search for it
Cause then you know it exists
In your mind
In your soul
And in your heart
Because love exists
Inside of you.....


People are as the flowers fluttering in the breeze
The clouds disperse such as a short song
Who then has loved me?
Time is the wind's brilliance
Time is a shame
When is there someone that will know me

Long lived the flowers of wild
Never short on beauty
My heart glows with a sense of satisfaction
Of the moon light night
Love is lonely
When replaced by hate and anger
Unlike the spring blossoming of the flowers
More like the chilliness of the wintery breeze

Singing and drinking wine in a simple gaiety
For what purpose does life have in store?
Raised with a sense of filial piety
To honour and cherish those before us
Flowers have a need for prettiness
What then of humans?
Keeping behind of what you leave?

Red is that all compassess the heavens
Blue is all that sweeps across the seas
Why dwell on the pass
When the times are never lasting
When the times only leave behind
A solitary tear drop inside my heart

Just to wait for an instant of love
An instant of love

When a man is deeply intoxicated
Late at night thoughts pour forth
Thoughts not fabricated from wine
Deep inner thoughts from the heart
That never dared showed before
A thousand words could not express
What secretly nourishes in the heart
Times upon times
The heart has been shattered by illusions of love
Illusions of grandeur imagery
Imagery of a fairy tale that once held true
Silently in the crept of the night
You have descended upon this heart of mine
With a sense of securtiy and warm kisses
Breaking the days of seclusion.......
Emotions of love are hard to control
Actually I am a man of weak heartedness
Easily provoked to tears and sorrow
Such is the lot that I belong to
Never wanting to pursue hither and thither
Constantly in search of a true love
So please treasure my heart
To understand me
And how I think and feel
Continue forth this love
Of a burning flame of passion
From a man of weak heartedness
Fragile hearted that I am
Wait no longer
Bestow upon me a faith with a gentle kiss.....
Enduring the long nights with you by my side
Is the happiness that I can look forward to
With you by my side
Finally I can say that I have found
My ray of hope in this world
Never allowing any suspicions to seep in
Happy is the lover
Emotions of you are hard to check
Because I am a man of fragile heart
Easily led to tears and sorrow
Such is the lot that I belong to
Constantly looking hither and thither
In search of my soul mate
So please take me as I am
Treasure my heart and what I have to offer.....


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