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i'm watching your every move.....

Yada, yada, yada :

dec 28 '02: well i guess this page will be for poems and drawings now since my page on eo is getting too large...

july 14 ' 02: everything is gone... this page will only be used for drawings only for the present time.. until i either decide otherwise or have more time to work on this page.

mar 28'02: due to bandwidth issues....i had to delete a lot of pictures from the site. gone are the anime, pictures, and dream cars section

mar 8 '02 :
the main page on eo....has been completely redone
this site was reorganized with changes almost everywhere....some new pics were added to the friends' section. a new section was added - chinese. drawings was added into the drawings 4 section. a bunch of pics were added into the pictures section. also the bruce lee section has been updated with a lot of stuff.
feb 14 '02 :
5 new songs was added. boomboom's secret was updated with some info. the piano intro - to zanarkand was moved to the guest book page. i replaced it with another song - someday the dream will end. Aslo the Tidus and Yuna section was updated with a little background story.

feb 1 '02 :
been really busy really lately and haven't had much time to really update this page, but here's some more. how did you like the piano intro before coming to this page? isn't it a sweet short song? some of you might recognize it from final fantasy x, it's called To Zanarkand. a brand new section was added that's devoted to Tidus and Yuna, also from ffx.

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transform and roll out!!