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Pics of me

i'm watching your every move.....


STATUS: always ready for some fun!!!

LOCATION: capital of boredom, e-town

NATIONALITY: vietnamese/chinese

EYE COLOR: dark brown

HEIGHT: 5'8"


B/H/W: 33"/26"/33"

MUSIC PREFERENCE: dance, chinese, vietnamese

HAIR COLOR: blonde streaks


FACTORY: Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon )

CHINESE ZODIAC : Year of the stallion ( horse - 1978 )

AGE: too old, but not quite ready to kick the bucket, still got enought juice in me to have some fun..... hehehe

SEX: "which do u think is more exciting? having sex.... or stealing cars?"
"having sex or stealing cars....umm about..having sex...while boosting cars"

LIKES: let's see includes - girls; there's working out at the gym; more girls; shooting pool; and some more girls; hanging out with my buddies far and wide; hanging out with even more girls; partying; and partying with lots, and lots of girls.... i think u get the idea, right? just your averege male with testosterone

body building at my other site

lucky girl... 4 guys to choose from.......hmmmm

we almost didn't make it to mink lake, because the van was dead duck....but alas we made it!!!

one last shot before we had to leave.....

below is our trip to mink lake. from left to right: thuong, me, duy, jen and tony

sitting beside the campfire with chris' kid and nephews, aren't they just adorable?

me and tony fooling around and having fun with the campfire

hardcore gamblers are us, even with no light except the candle we still managed to play some big 2 for cash

i look upon the stars...

let's see..... is there anything in here?

all dressed and ready to party!!!

my actually grad pic

a shot of me in ma blazer for the grad pics

busy on the comp.... doing what? only i know....hehehe

r u thinking what i'm thinking?


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