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Drawings 1

all drawings below are the smaller thumbnailed versions, if u wish to see the full size, simply click on the picture and it will open up in a new browser. also sorry about the scans of some pictures, they were drawn in pencil and the scanner couldn't pick them up, so it's a little hard to see. when i have time i will do them over with ink. i will be posting more pictures as i scan them. hope u enjoy whats on here already.

a collage of vaious sketchs

sketch of ryu and chun li that i did back in '99

i did the drawing back in '91, and a friend did the painting overtop the following year

spiderman aka peter parker done in '91

rough pencil sketch of chun li and ryu back in 92

tifa lockheart from final fantasy vii

just a rough sketch done in '99

 i was bored and did this drawing in last year (2000). it was all done with no lines, just dots from the tip of ma pencil

a drawing of strife done back in '90

wolverine getting his ass kicked ('91 i think)

mixed of techiniques i tried out last year


this was done back around when i was in grade 7

the original pic before it was painted over

i pencilled (drew), inked, and colored this pic of morbius with pencil crayon back in '93

this was the cover of my first comic book of spiderman back in junior high, too bad i never got around to finish it. i might have gotten it publish at marvel comics....haha

black & white poster i did back in '92 that was hung in my junior high school


doodling while i was in class

couple of quick sketches i did last year (2000)

slightly erotic nature in the pic i did back in 99

showing the range of emotions when we cry ( done in '98 )

drawing of rogue i did back in junior high

my first attempt of trying to produce a comic book back in '91

i had the opportunity to meet dave sim, the creator of cerebus back in '92 and did this rendition of his character cerebus

another surviving pic (from '93 i think )of ryu

vega ( done in '93) screaming : ' wanna die?'

another junior drawing ('91) i did of wolverine and sabertooth. i was a real big fan of jim lee's work at the time

(1997) if u gamble and know how to play pai-gow tiles then this pic explains itself

drawing, inking and partial coloring done by your truly back in '94


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