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Friends pics

this be Tina, check her page at Asian_Sweetie

Shantelle ( aka yancha_enzeru ) and her friend

this is Liane, those who knew her, knows what happened, those that don't, don't ask

solo shot of tran

L to R: tony, jen, duy and thuong

Denny and Vee (Integragurl)

L to R : ronny, joel, igor, and mike

another pic of ma god-sis, Aisa


felice in a catwoman suit, aint that so sexy?

a more recent photo of tina with shorter hair

trung aka skipper


Curtis ( aka krazywatik )

me and tran back in high school

locker buddies for high school

the adorable kids

this is my god-sister, Aisa, from my days of high school at ross shep

dee tran (L) and ronny liaw (R)

jenny (youngji)

azncrime......m.i.a. for a long time

(L) Mel; (R) Shantelle

the awesome and cool drinking buddy, amery (aka girlracer)

another fine shot of girlracer

ronny ( aka rubbersman69 )

dy & felice

joel (dashiva)

linzy aka qt_northside

another pic of felice in arabian nights costume


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