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Putting on the sweater
You've knitted for me
As I listen to your tale of woes
Who could not take notice
Of you woeful expressions
In life there are a lot of things
That can'te be easily solved
Nor understood
I can hear your heart
Deeply sighing in sorrow
Many are the reasons
Of you faith in love
That has waned
Dreams and hopes are shattered
And shaky at best
Visions clouded and blurred
Of what is to come
For you and I
Actually I understand
What you're trying to hint to me
I need not eyes to see
My heart already tells me
That you've fallen for me
In a very deep way
I need not say the words
For you to understand
Of what I went through before
Afraid I am that happiness
Will be torn asunder
With the blink of an eye
It is easy to talk of love
Without ever truly knowing
Of the wonders it can bring
Since your heart is sincere
Let time prove the deepness
Of what my heart has to offer

In the middle of the night
Everything is all peaceful and quiet
I am in tears and lost in confusion
Silently sprawled across the width of my bed
I know not what to do anymore
Except embracing the past memories
Unable to propell myself through each day
Who can honestly say
In this lifetime and the rest of their life
That they have lived their dreams
I can not see what lies ahead
For the road ahead is wreathed in mist
In the end there is only regret
For not following my dreams
Time stands still for no one
Do what you can while you still have the chance
Follow your dreams
And where ever it leads you to....


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