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Who are you ...
You put on all your make up
Before you meet me
Asking me what I think
Of you
And how you look

Who are you ...
With both my eyes
I look carefully
At each glitter in your eyes
As the rest of the world envies

Who are you ...
No matter how much is applied
It doesn't matter
Because in my heart
There is only one image of you

Who are you ...
It all doesn't matter
How you look on the outside
I will always see the inside
See the true beauty that you possess

Who are you ...
Others can say you look horrible
Others can say you look beautiful
But when I speak of you
I speak from the heart

Who are you ...
Let them see you through my eyes
Let them see you as my god
But don't let them see my face
When I'm without you by my side

Who are you ...
People ask me why
For you I have changed
And I can only answer
With a smile on my face

I am you, you are me
You make my life complete
Two souls bound together
There is no one I'd rather be
Than to be me with you by my side


When you don't have a companion
Don't have to be lonely
It's not the end of the world
It's best
To forget all those past feelings

If you want to be free
Then forget about her
It's the right thing to do
I said I would never cry again
Tears that I won't show her again

Why must you be so cruel
When I saw you again?
Finishing this cup of wine
Is finishing all my troubles
With you

I love once more
I'm drunk once more
In the end we still separate
Sobering up from drunkeness
There is no going back

I love once more
I'm hurt once more
Who can endure the pain?
One person
Being hurt is more than enough

Forget who I am
I'm lost
I sit here alone
I think about the past
What was all my love was for?

Actually it's hard to get used to
Leaving you behind
Is it wrong?
When there is no chance
Of the two of us getting back together

Why must you be so cruel
When I saw you again?
Finishing this cup of wine
Is finishing all my troubles
With you


The more passionate the love
The more the love flowers bloom
Cloudy is the future

The longer the love
The quicker is the separation
Hard is it to separate after the embrace

For wanting you
Lying to you for the rest of your life
Is more cruel than us splitting up

Also loving you
When you sacrifice yourself
How can the feelings be of a deep love?

Moment of departure
Catching a glimpse of your eye
Not hearing your sighs

Once again
Fearing these memories
Will only be treasured after it's lost

Over there
You would be more happier
How can I be so selfish?

Just for you
There must be a great start
Willingly I must even if i regret

If I don't understand love
Where is there someone who understands love?

If I'm not hurt
Where is there someone who isn't hurt?

I treasure you
You have to treasure yourself as well

If you don't believe
Where is there someone who believes?

If you don't know
Where is there someone who knows?

A love story that lives on for the ages

The passionate flower
Blooms only for the true


They can be wonderous
Yet they can be your undoing
There is so much feelings bottled up inside of me
So much to sort through
So much that it overwhelms me
Like climbing a mountain without any legs
I only want one thing in life
And that is to have you love me

Man's most precious commodity
Once it's gone it can never be regained
Time stands still for no one
Time continues to move forward
With or without you
You have to make the most that you can
With the time that's been given to you
I don't want to make the same mistake again of losing you

Something that is always around
Something that I can never rid myself of
Why can I not understand your true feelings?
Even if you don't hold me tight
At least let me know your true intentions
If there is a little bit of me inside your heart
Let me quietly hear from the side
That you love me

Everyone in this world has that need
To be loved by one or another
What are my needs?
What are my wants?
I'm just waiting for you
To say those three little words
To hold me tight and never let go
After I've felt the your tender kiss upon my lips

Everyone has a need to be cared for by someone
If you don't care about me
How can I love myself?
Without your love I am incomplete
In the circle of life
Like fire without oxygen to burn
How can I breathe
When I'm missing my air to breathe from?

All that I ask for is for you to be my lady of mine
To share with me my world
I can not offer you the riches of the world
I can not promise you happiness forever
All I can promise
Is to love you with all my heart
Nothing but my unwavering devotion to you
Won't you forever be my lady of love?


One never knows
Where the road ahead leads to
Why do we have to know
All the infinite possiblities?
I only want to know one thing
When the nights are peaceful, the winds quiet
To have you share with me

Why compare
Who is better
If my heart
Has you within
Then I need nothing more
Who can give as much as you have given me

Someone once said I was a fool
In wanting you
With no hate
With no regrets
Till the end of time

Someone once said I was a fool
In wanting you
For the end of time
Is that wrong?

I never thought
What success would bring
I never guessed
What would happened
Who would know what the future brings
When you are deeply in love

I never wanted
Anything that would hurt you
I never want
To see you cry
All that matters to me
Is that you are forever happy


Looking at you
You turn around and run away
The past is already dead
No need to relive
All your lies again

Who can understand you
This story is too hard to follow
On a path of love
My heart
Has a scar

Why am I so gullable and innocent
Not to see the lies of the lover
What's said
Has passed
Let me not know any further

You once said
You would do anything for me
No need to say again
Why you missed our date
Because of an emergency

No need for you
When you call out the wrong name
Why is it that when we speak of true intentions
That you secretly love another
Lies of the lover


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